Paleta Plus d.o.o.

Pallet Plus is synonym for pallet quality. In addition to standard Euro pallets, as authorized representatives of Doğan Plastik for BiH, we also offer plastic pallets and containers. We provide you with quality and safety.

We are leaders of bh. market standards

Our pallets meet the most demanding standards of both domestic and foreign markets!

The main activity of the company Paleta Plus d.o.o. is the production and sale of disposable wooden pallets, as well as plastic (PVC) pallets, as well as repair and repair of Euro pallets. Thanks to our dedication to work and striving to achieve the best possible product placement in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s market, as well as in the foreign market, from September 2019 we accomplished to get the general representation of the renowned company Doğan Plastik and expand our range of wooden products and services to plastic (PVC) products.

Today in our offer you can find disposable wooden and Euro pallets, plastic (PVC) pallets, plastic containers and collapsible containers. In addition to these products, we offer customers the opportunity to purchase firewood (firewood) and kindling (firewood). We package these products according to the standard, but also according to the wishes and needs of customers. We also guarantee the quality of the products, since each product passes rigorous controls according to the most demanding world standards.

In addition to the production and sale of products, we also offer customers repair and reparation services, purchase, as well as pallet processing, and preparation and delivery of products for heating and ignition.

In business, we are reliable, competitive and responsible, both to customers and to the community. Customers and quality are our number one priority. Strong community – strong company!

Why choose us as a business partner?


Our business is based on the principles of reliability and quality - we will not let you down!


Responsibility towards work comes first. We meet customer requirements as soon as possible.


The quality of our products and services position us highly at domestic and foreign markets.


Social responsibility is our business motive. Strong community - strong company!